History of our Association

Manuela Souto Abreu, a nurse which is living in Switzerland since 1993, has great connections to her family and friends who are living in Portugal. The increasing poverty due to the economic crisis in her homeland made her to think a lot and filled her with concern.

End of summer 2012, Manuela started collecting daily necessities for needy persons in Portugal at her former working place, in a nursing home in Lucerne. The donations were sent to a voluntary welfare organization in Portugal. In February 2013, the capacity of the storage space was too small in the nursing home and Manuela sought by an advertisement people for the transport of relief supplies. After that, several people came forward, including Georg Wyss and Heidi Baumann Wyss. Along with Kurt Bättig and Carlos Lopes, they decided to remain engaged for this cause.

On May 09, 2013, they founded the organization Change Mind - Global Aid. The organization is now working with private and independent nonprofit organizations.

With our help we can make a change!

Change Mind - Let’s make some changes!