statuten / Articles of Incorporation

1. Basics


Article 1: Name, Location

Change Mind- Global Aid which is based in Lucerne (Switzerland) is a non-profit, politically and denominationally neutral organization under Article 60 ff. ZBG of the Swiss Civil Code.

Article 2: Intention and Task

The organization aims to collect supplies and money in Switzerland, for economically needy people. For the distribution of relief supplies and money, we work with nonprofit organizations.

2. Membership

Article 3: Members

To the organization may belong:

a) Natural person

b) Legal person and communities

Article 4: Start and End

At any time you can join the organization by declaration of accession and payment of the annual fee. The exit is at the end of the organization’s year by written declaration. Members who have not paid the annual fee despite two reminders will be deleted from the membership list. Members, who grossly violate the interests of the organization, can be excluded from the organization without giving any reasons.

3. Organization

Article 5: Organs

The organs of the Organization are:

A) The General Assembly

B) The Executive Board

C) The Auditors

A) The General Assembly

Article 6: Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held annually in the first half. It is convened by the Board, stating the agenda items at least two weeks in advance.


It has the following powers:

a) Election of the President and the other Board members

b) Election of the Auditors

c) Approval of the annual report, annual financial statements and the auditors' report.

d) Designation of the annual Membership fee

e) Resolution on the transactions submitted to it by the Board

f) Resolution on requests from members

g) Amendment of the Articles

h) Resolution on the dissolution of the Organization

Article 7: Extraordinary General Meeting 

The Board may at any time convene an extraordinary general meeting. Furthermore, a fifth of the members may at any time demand the convocation stating the agenda.

Article 8: Implementation of the General Assembly

The President or the Vice President act as chairman. The General Assembly decides by a simple majority of the present votes. In a tie, the voice of the chairman decides. Elections and votes take place openly, unless majority demand a secret ballot. Voting recommendations and applications by members must be submitted in writing.

B) The Executive Board

Article 9: Composition

The Board is composed of 4 to 6 members.


It consists of

The President

The Vice President

The Treasurer 

The Actuary / Secretary 

Further members

The term of office for Board Members shall be 2 years. Re-election is possible.  The Board constitutes itself.

Article 10: Tasks 

The board represents the organization to the outside. It performs all operations that do not fall within the competence of the General Assembly. 


The Board’s particular work is: 

a) Preparing the business of the General Assembly

b) Order of Commissions

c) Approval of the Budget

d) Resolution on the appropriation of the Surplus Account.


Article 11: Convening and quorum 

The Management Board shall be convened by the President or at the request of at least 2 members. He has a quorum if at least half of its members are present. Decisions are taken by simple majority. In a tie, the voice of the chairman decides. 

Article 12: Authority to sign 

The signing authority is regulated by the Board. 

Article 13: Compensation for Employees 

Participation in the Management Board is basically done by volunteers. However, the board members are entitled for reimbursement of expenses.

Article 14: Executive Committee

The Board may appoint from among its members a committee for the following tasks: Preparing the business to be handled in the Board.

Execution of the work delegated by the Board.

Article 15: The President

The President has the function of Chairman of the Board and the Committee. He / she represent the organization to the outside. He / she leads the current business of the organization.

C) The Auditors

Article 16: 

As statutory auditors, two club members are elected at the AGM. If this is not possible, external, accredited people will be entrusted with the revision. The term of office is one year. Re-election is possible.

4. Financial Budget

Article 17: Financing


The association is financing it’s tasks by 

a) Annual contributions

b) Income from it`s business

c) Donations, gifts, legacies and other contributions

Article 18: Membership fees

The membership fees are set annually by the General Assembly.

Article 19: Liability

For the Organization liabilities, shall be solely liable the Organization’s assets.

Article 20: Club Year

The club year runs from 1 January to 31 December

5. Final provisions


Article 21: Statutes Amendment and Dissolution of the Organization

For amending the statutes and the dissolution of the organization, the approval of two-thirds of the members of the Assembly members present is required. In the event of dissolution of the Organization, the General Meeting decides on the purposeful use of the organization’s assets.

Article 22: Entry into force

These statutes get into force with the consent of the founding meeting on 09 May 2013. 

Lucerne, 09 May 2013

The President                 A Member of the Board

Manuela Souto Abreu   George Wyss